Blockchain for a sustainable world

The blockchain technology, a revolutionary technique which saves information, is radically transparent, non changeable and decentralised, can speed up the transition to a climate neutral world. We are using this technology to make buildingblocks for a society that respects the boundaries of nature, helps nature recover, supplies clean energy and a green environment together. Are you with us?

The EnergyCoin blockchain labels the value of sustainable initiatives. We are developing the EnergyCoin Dashboard, were you can exchange these values.

The EnergyCoin Foundation empowers people to authenticate and transact the value of local climate action immediately and without costly intermediaries. We are working on three pilot projects.

We are now working on

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More bicycle miles

Reward sustainable mobility. Read more

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More energy savings

With everything we know and can do, we already can save up to 70% in energy. Read more

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More green power

Only seven percent of all the green energy we use was actually generated in The Netherlands. Which opportunities does the blockchain technology offer to speed up the energy transition? Read more

We are working with

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Who we are

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Brian Mulder

Brian focuses explicitly on three of seventeen sustainable development goals by the UNRead more

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Janine Hogendoorn

Janine Hogendoorn is an expert in behavioral change and sustainable mobility. Read more

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Hugo Schönbeck

Hugo works on real time connecting the information on generating sustainable energy and the usage. Read more


Anne-Marie Pronk

Anne-Marie works as a campaign strategist, founder and executor of different climate campaigns and co-developer of instruments for local climate policy. Read more