Anne-Marie Pronk

For the last 13 years Anne-Marie worked for Klimaatverbond (an association of 180 municipalities, provinces and waterboards with a progressive climate policy being founded in 1992) and the VNG. She works as a campaign strategist, founder and executor of different climate campaigns and co-developer of instruments for local climate policy.

Over the last years she set out the strategy for Warmsweaterday, the biggest climate action in The Netherlands (240,000 active participants in 2018), in 2012 she introduced the Zonatlas in The Netherlands, an interactive website where you can zoom in on all rooftops to look at the calculated solar energy potential based on a 3D model.

She represented Klimaatverbond in the project group that built the Lokale Energie Etalage, a tool where you can see where your municipality stands in achieving the goals in the energy transition as set by the SER Energy Agreement. Besides that, she wrote a series of columns about the Paris Climate Agreement in Dutch newspaper Trouw and was a project manager of the Zoom Kids On the Move Green Footprint campaign and the national Kinderklimaattop (Children Climate Summit).

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