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Looking for two municipalities who want to develop a community dashboard with us

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As you may know, our dashboard is able to track and show the climate gains of individuals based on their positive climate actions. We would like to upgrade this dashboard into a community dashboard so that the impact of collectives are visible. How many emissions of CO2  climate active citizens avoided together. That is why we have invited municipalities and energy cooperatives to develop a Community Dashboard together with us. Municipalities or renewable energy cooperatives by citizens can use this tool as an instrument for their climate projects or initiatives and make a start with a local climate economy. Let’s build a new value system together!

Think of it as a bank where residents can see the value of their joint climate actions. And together they will have the option to decide how this value is used for further sustainability.

What do we need? We need two municipalities who are prepared to join our pilot. What do we offer? For the municipalities and cooperatives, this can become a monitoring tool with monthly overviews of the impact achieved. Different tokens based on the avoided CO2 emissions that can be used for your local climate economy. Fast and accurate substantiation for steering towards climate objectives.

Curious about the possibilities? See our newsletter (Dutch). Feel free to message us!

EnergyCoin Dashboard (ECD) Phase 2

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ECD is finally on the Blockchain and long expected converting climate savings into a value is now possible; with ECD phase 2 tested and in production you can start cycling, and via Ring-Ring track your mileage, routes and earn EnergyCoin through the ECD! If you don’t have an account, don’t wait any longer to create one! Download Ring-Ring on your iPhone or Android smartphone and connect with ECD! Make sure to take a look at the article where you can see how to create an account on the ECD and join the pilot.
*NOTE: Your email address has to be the same as your login email address for Ring-Ring!

The dashboard displays accumulated ENRG value, accumulated Bicycle Bits (BB) value and your green behavior (prevented CO2 emission) as a graph for each day you were active. Here is how the Dashboard looks like:

Generate EnergyCoin address!

To start getting rewards, you must generate your own EnergyCoin address. You can create an account on one of the following exchanges: Crex24, Nova Exchange or Bitibu. If you have any issues generating your address or receiving funds, make sure to join our Telegram channel and ask any question; you’ll get a response ASAP.

New partnership for ECD integrating soon

As you already may know, we have a partnership with WarmSweaterDay, the biggest Climate Action in the Netherlands that had a huge success on the 15th of February this year with over 200k participants! Their partner Shifft uses smart gas meter technology which they are going to integrate with ECD in order to show the difference in energy usage between March 2018 and March 2019 on our dashboard. Based on that, participants on the WarmSweaterday pilot project will get WSD’s virtual token that will be exchangeable for ENRG on ECD, just like Bicycle Bits.

Phase two around the corner

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EnergyCoin Dashboard (ECD) phase 2 is now in closed beta, our development team is testing it and thus far the results are good. Very soon, the dashboard will go live with new features and transactions are going to be enabled. Then you start to earn EnergyCoin by choosing the bicycle over a car! With the ECD you are able to track your Green Behaviour, it will be displayed on a dashboard and one of the measures is in avoided CO2 emissions. Phase 2 is around the corner, so if you don’t have already an account, make sure to download on your iPhone or Android Ring-Ring and afterwards register on ECD!

Screenshot of EnergyCoin Dashboard on 190219

Don’t forget your ENRG address

Your ENRG rewards are going to be displayed on ECD, but to receive your funds, you’ll need your EnergyCoin address from exchange or wallet. Every account is going to be able to set one address only, but it can be changed at any point. Transactions are going to be automatic, so make sure to generate your ENRG address before even creating account on ECD!

If you want to HODL ENRG funds, then download desktop wallet or generate web wallet address; if you have problem with syncing desktop wallet, read this article where it is all explained.

If you want to instantly trade ENRG funds you received, then you should check one of the following exchanges and pick the best fit for you: Crex24, Bitibu or Nova Exchange.

For more info and charts about EnergyCoin check CoinMarketCap.

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EnergyCoin Dashboard phase two!

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EnergyCoin Dashboard (ECD) phase two features

In the current version of the ECD you could see your green behaviour, originated on Ring-Ring, represented in CO2 emission savings and ENRG. In the next phase of the ECD you are going to be able to receive the collected ENRG on your ENRG address, which you enter on your ECD profile. There will be only one address at the time, which can be changed at any point. There will be a link to the EnergyCoin Explorer, as well.

We will enable transactions and transactions status; our partners will start rewarding their users via the EnergyCoin dashboard for green behaviour in this phase! This phase will be ready in February. Now in phase two we are greeting another partners joining the EnergyCoin Dashboard too.

ECD partners

Our current partner, that is already integrated with the ECD is Ring-Ring. They will be able to start rewarding their users as soon as phase two is live. Warmsweaterday (and their technical partner Shifft) will be joining in the ECD phase two, start rewarding their users for saving energy by lowering heat power in their houses and putting on a sweater. Warmsweaterday is the biggest climate action in Netherlands (more than 173.000 participants already) , and Shifft is a company that offers an online platform for managing smart energy-use through smart meters, social interaction and gamification.

Marketplaces for redeeming ENRG

There are 5 places where rewards that you would receive through the ECD could be sent: If you want to HODL your ENRG rewards, you can use desktop wallet or web wallet. Now, if you are trading type of person, there are three exchanges where you can deposit and trade ENRG: Crex24Nova Exchange, and Bitibu which is the newest exchange where ENRG can be deposited and traded. It’s more than easy to create an account on every of these platforms, so make sure to have one per platform and chose the best fit for you; transactions in the ECD are going to be automatic so ENRG would be sent to the address that you put as yours on your profile. Since ENRG is an active coin, you can see all the information about it: prices, charts, etc on CoinMarketCap.

Hurry up; make an account on ECD via Ring-Ring and start cycling! Number of accounts in this pilot is limited to a hundred of users, so be one of them.

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EnergyCoin is back on CoinMarketCap!

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As you may all know, due to a low volume in October, ENRG was delisted from Bittrex exchange, which caused setting it as an inactive coin on CMC. Now that we have secured the liquidity of the coin, and have active ENRG markets, we are back on CMC as an active coin! You can see all the information about EnergyCoin on CoinMarketCap. Keep trading guys!

EnergyCoin on CoinMarketCap - status 190201

Active marketplaces

There are three active ENRG marketplaces: Crex24, Nova Exchange and Bitibu. For now, those three are the current active marketplaces containing BTC — ENRG pair. However, BTC — ENRG is not the only market pair on the three mentioned marketplaces; there are additional market pairs on both Nova Exchange and Bitibu: DOGE — ENRG and BTB — ENRG, which widens the scope of trading options with EnergyCoin.

Thanks to the progress we’ve made alongside our community of both supporters and traders: we’re finally back on CoinMarketCap! Now, let’s strive to progress even further and move ENRG towards the the very first pages on CMC. We can do it!

EnergyCoin Markets - status 2019-02-01

In case you feel risky about trading ENRG on the current bear market and decide to keep your stash for the better days; do not hesitate to use our web and desktop wallet.

Stay tuned for the further updates, peeps! We’re planning to release new details regarding Phase Two of the EnergyCoin Dashboard Application next week.

Thanks for sticking by!

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New exchange: Bitibu

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As our team planned that there will be another exchange where EnergyCoin is going to be listed, there is one from today! Bitibu is new marketplace where ENRG can be deposited and traded; they opened two new market pairs: BTC — ENRG and BTB — ENRG. Make sure to create an account here, deposit your funds and start trading!

Marketplaces for EnergyCoin

Let’s not forget with new marketplace all the active marketplaces where ENRG can be traded, which are Crex24 and Nova Exchange. Now is ENRG listed on three exchanges, and with that we secured liquidity of the coin and it won’t be untradable ever again. We expect soon to be back on CoinMarketCap as an active coin since there are two active BTC — ENRG markets and third is being added now.

EnergyCoin Wallets

As you may know, there are both web and desktop wallets for EnergyCoin. If you want to HODL your ENRG funds rather than trading it, then you should use one of our wallets. You can get to ENRG web wallet by clicking here, download desktop wallet for windows or linux by clicking here and for iOS here.

Cyclists can earn carbon credits

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EnergyCoin Foundation, Ring-Ring and Bloxico launch a marketplace to capture and exchange value of local climate action. Cyclists can now earn the virtual token Bicycle Bits for every hundred kilometers they cycle. The bicycle kilometers are registered via an app and are stored on a EnergyCoin Dashboard. A Bicycle Bit is a certified emission reduction credit for avoiding greenhouse gas emissions and fine particles by traveling by bicycle.

The EnergyCoin Foundation and the technical development team Bloxico work together with Ring-Ring, the service that has encouraged the use of the bicycle for more than five years at dozens of companies and organizations and accurately records the bicycle kilometers that have been made. With one bicycle kilometer you avoid the emission of an average of 150 grams of CO2, this avoided CO2 emission is now being rewarded!

We start a pilot with hundred participants. Be quick. Register via Ring-Ring app, which can be downloaded on both Android and iOS. From this app you can register your bike kilometers and convert from today to Bicycle Bits. You get 1 Bicycle Bit per 100 bicycle kilometers, and this will be exchangeable in the second phase of this pilot — through the EnergyCoin Dashboard for 1 EnergyCoin (ENRG). Cyclists earn a reward for their choice of mobility. In urban areas, the replacement for one car-kilometer by a bicycle-kilometer yields 41 eurocents of societal benefits, as calculated by knowledge platform CROW.

Making visible the positive (climate) impact that cyclists make together is paramount. In addition, Ring-Ring and the EnergyCoin Foundation are working towards a better valuation of bicycle kilometers.

How to join a pilot

After you create an account on Ring-Ring and log in, click on a bicycle at the bottom of your screen:

After that, click on “My Settings”

Which will lead you to the EnergyCoin Dashboard by clicking on ENRG icon:

Show local climate benefits

The Bicycle Bit is the first virtual token in the collection of virtual tokens that people can earn from measurable climate actions and collect them on the EnergyCoin Dashboard. We are also currently developing a pilot together with the largest climate action in the Netherlands: Warm Sweater Day, where we record the avoided emission of greenhouse gases through realized energy savings.

Building a clean and fair economy

In our current economy the damage to the environment is not calculated. And the positive impact of daily climate-friendly choices is not visible. People are currently not being rewarded for preventing the emission of greenhouse gases and strive for clean air, and the EnergyCoin Foundation wants to change that by facilitating local networks that build a society that fits within the boundaries of the Earth.

The EnergyCoin Foundation makes available the blockchain technology, the technology that makes information transparent, unchangeable and decentralized, for recording and making the value of measurable positive actions visible and exchangeable for a sustainable world. The EnergyCoin blockchain does not use mining, as a result of which energy consumption and transaction fees are low.

The launch of the Bicycle Bits and the marketplace are the first two important steps to facilitate citizen climate initiatives and local authorities to enable the construction of local new value systems, at low cost.

EnergyCoin Dashboard App: update

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The App is looking good in Closed Beta stage. We are in process of integration with Ring-Ring right now; after a successful integration with Ring-Ring it will be ready to go live.

A purpose of the EnergyCoin Dashboard in this phase is to show how friendly you are to the environment. Our goal is to motivate people to behave green, and we want to invite as many of you to do so as well. Our green behaviour partners would feed us with your environment-friendly actions that we would display in our App. Amount of Bicycle Bits you earn from Ring-Ring would be expressed in ENRG, which represents your green behaviour, and your CO2 savings would be stored as carbon credits on the blockchain.

Dashboard page of the application

Upon a successful registration, login and doing some Ring-Ring activities your Dashboard Page could look like this.

On the dashboard you can see CO2 prevention by riding a bike for every day since you registered. You can follow your green behaviour in ENRG and/or Bicycle Bits, and value of ENRG in Euro.

App will be free to use!

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EnergyCoin Foundation joins research project University Utrecht: store peer-to-peer energy transactions on the EnergyCoin blockchain

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On 1st of December the B-DER project has started. EnergyCoin Foundation is a partner in the research project together with Utrecht University and Resourcefully. We are going to build a framework for smart flexible energy infrastructure: a Blockchain-based platform for peer-to-peer energy transactions between Distributed Energy Resources.

The energy production landscape is being reshaped by distributed energy resources (DER), such as solar panels, battery energy storage, electric vehicles and charging stations. The rapid deployment of these distributed energy resources calls for management schemes of these resources to guarantee grid reliability in the future. Proposed control schemes, such as demand response, assume that the operation of DER will be centrally managed by an aggregator or a cooperative utility. However, these centralized control schemes suffer from scalability issues when the number of DER increase significantly. In addition, it is unclear how these management systems work in the face of incentive issues or regulatory shortcomings.


This project will develop a platform to enable peer-to-peer energy transactions between DER, allowing households, with energy generation capabilities, to trade energy with each other. Besides trade can also involve other DER in the neighbourhood, such as EV charging stations, in a distributed, optimal, verifiable and secure fashion. To achieve this mission, the project partners will develop an optimization algorithm that allows households to minimize their electricity cost and maximize benefits from their PV system while at the same time ensuring a profitable charging price for EV charging stations owners.

To enable secure and verifiable energy transactions between entities, we will implement the optimization algorithm on a blockchain architecture. The project assesses the technical and economic potential of the developed platform using actual data of households’ demand and PV generation profiles, as well as EV charging stations demand in a residential neighborhood in Amsterdam. The assessment will be analyzed for different penetration levels of DER currently and in the future and under different electricity pricing and support schemes.

The EnergyCoin Foundation will share their experience on blockchain technique, cryptocurrencies, local climate policy and climate communication.

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EnergyCoin joins forces with the biggest climate campaign in the Netherlands

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With 240.000 people who join the WarmSweaterDay annually, it is the most notable climate campaign in the Netherlands (the “Warmetruiendag” in Dutch). Over the past 12 years, this climate action day grew into a well-known phenomenon in the Netherlands. Schools, companies, the Dutch railway, municipalities, universities, museums are making a climate statement on that day at At Twitter #warmetruiendag is trending topic, Dutch celebrities join this action, it’s on national TV, newspapers write about it, and almost every year the weather reporters mention the campaign at the 8 o’clock countrywide news.

EnergyCoin team is very proud to join forces with the WarmSweaterDay and announce it today (22nd November 2018)

WarmSweaterDay pilot project

We are starting a pilot including one hundred WarmSweaterDay participants with a smart gas meter to store their avoided gas usage on the EnergyCoin blockchain.

Participants set a target how much they want to save on gas in one month and when they achieve that goal, they are rewarded in an amount of warm sweater day tokens corresponding to how much gas they did not use. The avoided gas usage is converted into saved emissions of greenhouse gases. In the conversion a warm sweater token is created and information is stored on the Blockchain.

Initiation of the EnergyCoin ecosystem

The WarmSweaterDay pilot, together with the cycling pilot with Ring-Ring, is an initiation of the EnergyCoin ecosystem.

WarmSweaterDay token name

We are looking for a name for the WarmSweaterDay token. Should they called Pullis, Sweaterbits: let us know your ideas! Let us now at Twitter (@EnergyCoinFdn or @EnergyCoin) or Instagram (@Energycoinfoundation) and please use #name #warmetruiendag #token.

More about the WarmSweaterDay

The Warmetruiendag (the WarmSweaterDay) is organized by the Dutch Climate Alliance, Klimaatverbond an association of 180 Dutch local governments. Since 2007 this campaign celebrates the birthday of the Kyoto climate protocol annually. The Warmetruiendag reminds people that the greenest energy is the energy you don’t use.

Together we can save 70% energy worldwide, with all the knowledge and techniques that are already available. The massive potential of saving energy as part of the solution of the climate problem is in the spotlights every edition.

And we need to show each other what we do to reduce the emission of greenhouse gasses to tackle the prisoner’s dilemma. The biggest threat to a living planet is feeling helpless.

The campaign encourages people to turn down the temperature by one degree and instead to keep warm by wearing an extra warm sweater. The result of this seemingly simple act is an energy savings of six percent per degree. The warm sweater is a symbol for all the actions people can easily (and comfortably) do to save energy.

The WarmSweaterDay campaign challenges individuals, schools, government organisations, companies and universities to turn down their heat and to communicate what they do the rest of the year to save energy.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) stated a few weeks ago that we have around 12 years to decarbonize our society and avoid a dangerous climate breakdown. Rising public interest in climate change and biodiversity could rapidly push policy and markets towards transformative change when amplified. Our goal is to raise funds to reward people who are joining measurable climate actions, avoiding emissions of greenhouse gasses and restore nature. Also, this makes their (individual) actions more visible.

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