Energy for building a society within the planetary boundaries

The EnergyCoin Foundation uses the EnergyCoin blockchain technique as an instrument to fixate the value of sustainable actions. Besides that we provide a platform to exchange the values: the EnergyParty.

Together we define campaigns, make impact of climate action measurable, fix the value of a eco-positive campaign, add value and exchange these values. This way we create the building blocks for a green economy and a sustainable and climate neutral society.

The EnergyCoin foundation focuses on five subjects:

  • reducing green house emissions as soon as possible (climate mitigation)
  • the circular economy
  • the shared economy
  • making the surroundings climate resistant (climate adaptation)
  • protecting biodiversity and nature

The EnergyCoin foundation was founded late 2016 to make sure that the added value of the crypto currency EnergyCoin is used for the original goal of the coin: speeding up energy transition and greening up the economy.

The EnergyCoin exists since 2014 and is exchangeable publicly (on Crex24).

In an economy where the price of environmental damage isn’t usually settled, the fixation of the value of sustainable action is a beginning to redefine the “true price” of actions, services and products.

Our goals for the application of the EnergyCoin blockchain for the next two years are:

  • speeding up the transition to renewable energy
  • fundamental energy savings
  • more sustainable mobility like cycling
  • more reusing of raw materials
  • greening up the surroundings

Together we will build an economy that fits the boundaries of Earth!