A blockchain for local climate action

Together we are building an economy fitting with limits of the earth. That is not done tomorrow, it requires good planning and clear actions for everyone.

Good plans galore, Paris Climate Agreement, Sustainable Development Goals of the UN and this summer a National Climate Agreement for Holland. Municipalities, provinces, water boards and NGO’s create local climate policy. Companies have increasingly real and stringent commitments. Local energy cooperatives and other initiatives strive for an energy transition and greening of the neighbourhood. But are those plans realistic enough and does everyone know what to do?

Forget big change, it is all about tiny habits” says B.J. Fogg in his famous TEDtalk. So, divide large goals in smaller parts and make clear who needs to do what and when.

Together we show what everyone can do locally on their own scale and level. The value of all of these actions can be registered on the EnergyCoin blockchain. By doing this you make impact measurable, you give climate action a memory!

EnergyCoin blockchain allows creating tokens, programmable money in effect. The EnergyCoin Dashboard allows exchange of these tokens. The EnergyCoin blockchain and the EnergyCoin Dashboard (the token exchange) is available for:

  • Sustainable citizen initiatives
  • Energy cooperatives
  • Local authorities
  • Water boards 
  • Provinces and counties
  • NGO’s
  • Companies that are spearheading sustainable development

The mission of EnergyCoin Foundation is speeding up transition to a climate neutral and eco-positive society. The project you want to use tokens for should contribute to that goal. We look for positive impact and scaleability. It’s important actions can be registered safely, transparently and verifiably on the EnergyCoin blockchain.

This year you can join token systems we have made for bicycle miles and for saving energy. Other applications are developed on request. Within three months a new project including app can be realised. Programming a token can be done competitively, the Foundation operates on a non profit basis. Ask for details.