Looking for two municipalities who want to develop a community dashboard with us

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As you may know, our dashboard is able to track and show the climate gains of individuals based on their positive climate actions. We would like to upgrade this dashboard into a community dashboard so that the impact of collectives are visible. How many emissions of CO2  climate active citizens avoided together. That is why we have invited municipalities and energy cooperatives to develop a Community Dashboard together with us. Municipalities or renewable energy cooperatives by citizens can use this tool as an instrument for their climate projects or initiatives and make a start with a local climate economy. Let’s build a new value system together!

Think of it as a bank where residents can see the value of their joint climate actions. And together they will have the option to decide how this value is used for further sustainability.

What do we need? We need two municipalities who are prepared to join our pilot. What do we offer? For the municipalities and cooperatives, this can become a monitoring tool with monthly overviews of the impact achieved. Different tokens based on the avoided CO2 emissions that can be used for your local climate economy. Fast and accurate substantiation for steering towards climate objectives.

Curious about the possibilities? See our newsletter (Dutch). Feel free to message us!

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