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It has been 10 days since EnergyCoin was listed on crex24, and thus far we are satisfied with crex24 services and support, providing 24/7 working platform with clear interface that is simplified enough for the beginners, yet with advanced tools that can be used by the experienced traders. Their fees are pretty fair as well, maker rebate is 0.01% and taker fee is 0.10%. Big thanks to crex24, keep trading guys!

P.S. EnergyCoin is still on CoinMarketCap, it was marked as inactive cryptocurrency since delisting from Bittrex; If we continue with current ENRG volumes on Crex24 and add one more exchange we expect to be back to CoinMarketCap as an active cryptocurrency.


ENRG is listed on NovaExchange, it can be deposited and traded there if you have an account already. Soon enough, as they’ve said, we will know when are they going to re-open NovaExchange and everyone is going to able to register again. “In 10–12 days we will announce the date for re-opening.” was part of their article from 8th November. So we expect their announcement about re-opening not later than 20th November. We will keep you guys updated!

Energycoin on NovaExchange

In upcoming updates you will get more information about new partnerships, sponsorships and app. Stay tuned!

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