Restore and protect nature with the EnergyCoin blockchain

Over de last 40 years we lost 50% of all our wildlife. Insects are on the brink of extinctionOn a yearly basis we cut down 15 billion trees, more than we replant. Healthy ecosystems are the basis for a good life on Earth. It’s perfectly clear: we have to do something to restore and protect nature.

With everything you do you have to take the impact on nature into account. Roll up your sleeves and start restoring and protecting nature in your own environment.

There are several projects where residents contribute to improve local ecosystems. Like projects by the Bijenstichting (“more seed, more pollens, more action!“) and Le Compostier. Exploratory talks have taken place on how to get these projects translated to a value for EnergyCoin blockchain. And how to get more residents involved in sustainable projects to strengthen local biodiversity and a fertile soil.

For example by uploading photos of square metres of sown and bee friendly flower seed mixtures or square metres of sustainable or unpaved gardens through an app for example. The acreage of unpaved gardens has an economic value to the community, the less rainwater we get in to the sewer system the more we save in money and energy in water purification.

picture: Anne-Marie Pronk Tuinreservaat @HermansHoning