The EnergyCoin for a climate resistant community

Cities cover less than 2% of the Earths’ surface yet produce the most waste and greenhouse gasses.

The role of the cities is crucial in making our world sustainable.

Cities already experience the consequences of climate change. The weather is changing. Rain showers are becoming more violent, in a short period of time there can be an extreme amount of rain. Sometimes it’s the opposite and we have extreme drought for longer periods than we ever experienced. The local water drainage system isn’t designed for this. Violent showers lead to serious damage. The rise of temperature leads to serious health problems for vulnerable people.

By greening up the cities, stop paving where we don’t really need to and constructing green rooftops, green gardens, ditches and ponds we create a buffer for the rain and stop the rising temperatures in our direct environment. Lots of green gardens make for a greener, cooler and better water buffering community. Besides that, green gardens create a bigger diversity in plants and animals.

At this moment we are investigating measurable campaigns that citizens can set up to green up and make their city more resistant to put on the EnergyCoin blockchain.