Register the value of bicycle miles

Our choice of mobility has a large climate impact. Any avoided car journey counts.

Holland is the only country with more bicycles than citizens, 22.5 million bicycles. Cycling makes happy, gives freedom and has a positive effect on climate, air quality, health and wellbeing.

A bicycle mile represents value towards a climate neutral and eco-positive society. By registering bicycle miles, reward them and allow for exchange with other goods and services we stimulate further growth of cycling.

EnergyCoin Foundation works with Ring-Ring® to register bicycle miles on the EnergyCoin blockchain. This way we create a climate neutral society, step by step.

Ring-Ring® is a service stimulating bicycle usage by direct rewarding of cycling. A partnership of citizens, business, employers, municipalities and health insurance. In recent years the Ring-Ring® App has been thoroughly tested and applied succesfully in ten municipalities and with many companies to help them reach climate goals and socially responsible policy.

The value of bicycle miles can vary according to the needs of partnering council or company.

Important to know:

  • CO2 emissions per mile on an electrobike are twenty-six times as low as a car. A single commuter in one car is even forty times it would have been cycling
  • A car takes up seven time more space than a bicycle
  • Every avoided car-mile gains 41 Eurocent social profit
  • 71% Of journeys in Holland are below five miles. 26% Of these are walked, 37 % cycled but for 36% of these short distance people still take the car.

Source: Fiets naar het werk

Ring-Ring explained in 1:50 from Janine Hogendoorn on Vimeo.