Energy savings on the EnergyCoin blockchain

With everything we know and can do, we already can save up to 70% in energy. Mainly by simply stop wasting energy. And insulating buildings. Seventy percent!

The quickest and cheapest way to skyrocket the share of sustainable energy in the total energy mix. And: what ever you save you don’t have to generate.

With the money you save you can do great things. For the climate, someone else or yourself.

Insulating your house for example, or helping people that hardly have the financial means to take energy saving measures. Save up together to buy a windmill or invest in solar panels, on your own roof or as a joint project.

Saving energy gives energy. And the value of energy savings is pretty simple to fix with a clever meter. That value we can put on the blockchain. Without much much effort we can divide it fairly and transparently. Amongst members of a energy cooperation. Or under students of a school or university. Or amongst all the members of a local or nationwide energy savings campaign. With whomever you start saving with. You can get as crazy as you want.

Did you know that a energy savings campaign is very effective to reach people that usually not that involved in environmental issues? Read more about it here.

pictures: Eva Broekema and Branko de Lang for the Dutch national climate campaign Warmsweaterday