File bicycle miles on the blockchain

Our choice of mobility is of great importance for our environment. Every avoided car mile counts.

The EnergyCoin Foundation stores bicycle miles on the EnergyCoin blockchain in cooperation with Ring-Ring®. The bicycle miles are recorded per hundred miles. It is expected that the participants in the pilot will be able to start collecting the first bicycle tokens within four weeks.

The cyclists from the Ring-Ring community thus record the value of the avoided emissions of CO2 and particulate matter. The value of the bicycle miles can be exchanged via the EnergyCoin Foundation EnergyParty platform .

Ring-Ring® is a service that stimulates the use of the bicycle by linking straightforward benefits to cycling miles. From five parties: residents, entrepreneurs, employers, municipalities and (health) insurers. Over the past five years, the Ring-Ring app has been extensively tested and has been successfully used in ten municipalities and dozens of companies to achieve local climate objectives and as a tool for CSR policy.