Exploring use-cases for energy coöperations

Groningen is startled by earthquakes with some regularity. These earthquakes have a direct connection with the extraction of natural gas. A number of associations of village interests from the villages Garsthuizen, Leermens, ‘t Zandt, Zeerijp and Zijldijk (municipality of Loppersum) want to offer an alternative to gas production and have taken the initiative to generate energy together. For that purpose they have founded the energy cooperative Zonnedorpen.

Energy cooperative Zonnedorpen has started the construction of a solar field for everyone who has no suitable space to generate solar energy. The land has been rented and the first poles have already been set. The crowdfunding has started.

The EnergyCoin Foundation supports this initiative and pays every investor 10 EnergyCoins (ENRG) for every 100 euros of investment. The EnergyCoins can be redeemed for euro value at the next crowdfunding of GreenCrowd and can also be requested in person.

Together we explored a number of possible use-cases how to use blockchain technology to accelerate the achievement of the goals of the energy cooperative.