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Phase two around the corner

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EnergyCoin Dashboard (ECD) phase 2 is now in closed beta, our development team is testing it and thus far the results are good. Very soon, the dashboard will go live with new features and transactions are going to be enabled. Then you start to earn EnergyCoin by choosing the bicycle over a car! With the ECD you are able to track your Green Behaviour, it will be displayed on a dashboard and one of the measures is in avoided CO2 emissions. Phase 2 is around the corner, so if you don’t have already an account, make sure to download on your iPhone or Android Ring-Ring and afterwards register on ECD!

Screenshot of EnergyCoin Dashboard on 190219

Don’t forget your ENRG address

Your ENRG rewards are going to be displayed on ECD, but to receive your funds, you’ll need your EnergyCoin address from exchange or wallet. Every account is going to be able to set one address only, but it can be changed at any point. Transactions are going to be automatic, so make sure to generate your ENRG address before even creating account on ECD!

If you want to HODL ENRG funds, then download desktop wallet or generate web wallet address; if you have problem with syncing desktop wallet, read this article where it is all explained.

If you want to instantly trade ENRG funds you received, then you should check one of the following exchanges and pick the best fit for you: Crex24, Bitibu or Nova Exchange.

For more info and charts about EnergyCoin check CoinMarketCap.

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EnergyCoin is back on CoinMarketCap!

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As you may all know, due to a low volume in October, ENRG was delisted from Bittrex exchange, which caused setting it as an inactive coin on CMC. Now that we have secured the liquidity of the coin, and have active ENRG markets, we are back on CMC as an active coin! You can see all the information about EnergyCoin on CoinMarketCap. Keep trading guys!

EnergyCoin on CoinMarketCap - status 190201

Active marketplaces

There are three active ENRG marketplaces: Crex24, Nova Exchange and Bitibu. For now, those three are the current active marketplaces containing BTC — ENRG pair. However, BTC — ENRG is not the only market pair on the three mentioned marketplaces; there are additional market pairs on both Nova Exchange and Bitibu: DOGE — ENRG and BTB — ENRG, which widens the scope of trading options with EnergyCoin.

Thanks to the progress we’ve made alongside our community of both supporters and traders: we’re finally back on CoinMarketCap! Now, let’s strive to progress even further and move ENRG towards the the very first pages on CMC. We can do it!

EnergyCoin Markets - status 2019-02-01

In case you feel risky about trading ENRG on the current bear market and decide to keep your stash for the better days; do not hesitate to use our web and desktop wallet.

Stay tuned for the further updates, peeps! We’re planning to release new details regarding Phase Two of the EnergyCoin Dashboard Application next week.

Thanks for sticking by!

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New exchange: Bitibu

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As our team planned that there will be another exchange where EnergyCoin is going to be listed, there is one from today! Bitibu is new marketplace where ENRG can be deposited and traded; they opened two new market pairs: BTC — ENRG and BTB — ENRG. Make sure to create an account here, deposit your funds and start trading!

Marketplaces for EnergyCoin

Let’s not forget with new marketplace all the active marketplaces where ENRG can be traded, which are Crex24 and Nova Exchange. Now is ENRG listed on three exchanges, and with that we secured liquidity of the coin and it won’t be untradable ever again. We expect soon to be back on CoinMarketCap as an active coin since there are two active BTC — ENRG markets and third is being added now.

EnergyCoin Wallets

As you may know, there are both web and desktop wallets for EnergyCoin. If you want to HODL your ENRG funds rather than trading it, then you should use one of our wallets. You can get to ENRG web wallet by clicking here, download desktop wallet for windows or linux by clicking here and for iOS here.

Update Crex24 & NovaExchange

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It has been 10 days since EnergyCoin was listed on crex24, and thus far we are satisfied with crex24 services and support, providing 24/7 working platform with clear interface that is simplified enough for the beginners, yet with advanced tools that can be used by the experienced traders. Their fees are pretty fair as well, maker rebate is 0.01% and taker fee is 0.10%. Big thanks to crex24, keep trading guys!

P.S. EnergyCoin is still on CoinMarketCap, it was marked as inactive cryptocurrency since delisting from Bittrex; If we continue with current ENRG volumes on Crex24 and add one more exchange we expect to be back to CoinMarketCap as an active cryptocurrency.


ENRG is listed on NovaExchange, it can be deposited and traded there if you have an account already. Soon enough, as they’ve said, we will know when are they going to re-open NovaExchange and everyone is going to able to register again. “In 10–12 days we will announce the date for re-opening.” was part of their article from 8th November. So we expect their announcement about re-opening not later than 20th November. We will keep you guys updated!

Energycoin on NovaExchange

In upcoming updates you will get more information about new partnerships, sponsorships and app. Stay tuned!

ENRG has been listed on Crex24!

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We are very happy to announce that we are officially listed. Today we have received a message from the Crex24 team that they have opened ENRG-BTC market. From now on you can make ENRG deposits to your Crex24 account and trade ENRG.

EnergyCoin on Crex24

One more exchange

Now that we are listed on a new exchange, our goal is to get listed on one more. We are still considering what exchange would be the best option for our project. When we narrow the list of options, we will let you know where else ENRG might be tradeable.

Stay tuned!

Win64 QT wallet

Our devs have finished the QT wallet win64 version, and we are going to test it for a some time now, to see if there are any bugs to fix.

Syncing wallets and staking ENRG

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How to sync QT wallet in few hours

We’ve created a guide how you can manually sync the QT wallet in a few hours with really easy steps, because autosync takes from a few hours up to a few days . We’ve posted a guide created by our Devs.

QT wallet win64 version

Since we are getting listed on a new exchange, we are creating a new and upgraded version of the QT wallet. Difference between Win32 and Win64 is size of pointers. In Win64, the size of the pointers is 64 bits; and in Win32, it is 32 bits.

How to stake ENRG?

A little reminder what kind of coin is ENRG. Everyone can mine their own EnergyCoin as long as they are holders of some. EnergyCoin is a Proof of Stake (PoS) type of coin. This means that your mining power depends on how much ENRG you hold.

Note: There are few other ways of mining, and most popular is Proof of Work (PoW) which means that your mining depends on that how strong is your CPU/GPU and it doesn’t matter how many of the assets you hold.

EnergyCoin webwallet is up and running

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EnergyCoin webwallet is up and running

The EnergyCoin webwallet is up and running now. As you know, we had a technical issue with it during the weekend. The issue is fixed and our technical team is monitoring the webwallet state.

Note that some features, like Exchange and Betting, are not functional.

Don’t forget to save your private key

This part is important, because of that you can secure your funds and recover them at any time.

How to get your private key on webwallet

  • After login on webwallet go on section “My Balances”;
  • Next to your address is button “address actions” which you have to click to see available actions;
  • Click “Show private key” and get it;

Make sure to keep it safe and not share with anyone, because that is the only access to your address, while your address is public.

EnergyCoin webwallet on 181029

Crex24 expected listing date

Since initial communication with Crex24 was on 25th-Oct-2018, EnergyCoin is expected to be listed not later than 6-Nov-2018.

Listing on a new exchange

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We were working hard to list EnergyCoin on a new exchange so ENRG is tradeable and we have some news.

  • has accepted our application to list ENRG today,
  • We are expecting to be up and running on in 5 to 12 days,
  • We are in process of listing ENRG to one more exchange.

We will come back to you with more updates soon; stay tuned!

Why Crex24?

Crex24 is a smaller exchange than Bittrex, but it works just as fine for us in this situation. We were looking for a quick and financial acceptable solution. So far we had a good communication with the Crex24 team, and we expect that to continue for the benefit of EnergyCoin holders.

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ENRG going to new exchanges & Green Blockchain App is being released soon

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The EnergyCoin (ENRG) blockchain labels the value of sustainable development. Within ENRG ecosystem these values can be seamlessly exchanged to speed up the transition to a green, climate neutral society. People should be empowered to authenticate and transact the value of local climate sustainable action immediately and without costly intermediaries.

Bittrex ENRG-BTC market is closing

As you may already know, Bittrex has announced that ENRG-BTC market would be removed on 26-Oct-2018 (at the end of this week). One of the main reasons for delisting ENRG-BTC market is a low trading volume. By the Bittrex Market Removal Policy users has 14 days to withdraw any delisted tokens, but in certain instances the withdrawal period may be shortened. Users should withdraw any ENRG before the Bittrex posted withdrawal deadline. We will update you in regards to the official Bittrex ENRG withdrawal deadline.

ENRG going to new exchanges

Bittrex has been the only exchange where ENRG was traded. To avoid ending up this situation ever again, we are in process of listing ENRG on minimum two new exchanges, which are less demanding than Bittrex at this moment. We are trying our best to ensure that ENRG could be traded on at least on one exchange not later than the end of this week, so ENRG trading activities are not interrupted. We will keep you updated about the new ENRG listings on a daily base.

A long waited Green Blockchain App is being released soon

Since August this year the EnergyCoin has a fully dedicated development team that is working on several projects at the moment with the most important one being the EnergyCoin dashboard — an instrument were people can exchange the value of their local climate actions. The EnergyCoin Foundation want to empower people to authenticate and transact the value of local sustainable actions immediately and without costly intermediaries. More about the general idea about the EnergyCoin ecosystem can be found here. We expect the first beta release to happen in mid-November this year. At the moment we are designing a solution on how to connect with the Ring-ring app that incentivizes people on their bicycle mileage. The idea is to increase bicycle use over fossil-fuel-burning vehicles and reward clean and green pedal power. Cyclists earn the value of the avoided (carbon) emissions, and the air in cities becomes cleaner.

What to do with ENRG funds on Bittrex

You should migrate off ENRG funds of Bittrex by sending coins to any of the following wallets:

  • EnergyCoin Core Client (download from here),
  • EC Lite web wallet
  • New ENRG exchanges to be announced (note: we do not advise keeping coins on exchanges for extended periods of time)

EC Lite

EC Lite is an EnergyCoin web wallet hosted at It is simple to use by using 12 word passphrase that you get during registration. To make it even more user friendly, a secret URL and password could be used.

In summary

We have started with regular ECF official reports, this one being the first one. We are in process of listing ENRG on minimum two new exchanges to ensure that ENRG trading activities are not interrupted due to Bittrex closing ENRG-BTC market. EnergyCoin development team is on the roll and many exciting new features are planned to be shipped starting mid-November this year.
Stay tuned!

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