A blockchain for local climate action

Blockchain technology, the technology that stores information transparently, unchangeably and in a decentralized way, will change the world. The time is now to use this technology and capture the value of positive action for a sustainable world.

The EnergyCoin blockchain empowers people to authenticate and transact the value of local climate action immediately and without costly intermediaries. The EnergyCoin blockchain allows you to record local climate action or sustainable activities using tokens. Technical possibilities are endless: file any amount of bicycle miles, the daily yield of solar panels on your roof or harvest your share of wind energy from the local energy cooperative. The technology allows you to see generation of local green electricity, adjust your energy consumption in accordance with supply of green electricity and be rewarded when you use energy when it is available.

It doesn’t stop at transferring value of energy saving, generation of renewable energy or the avoidance of the emission of greenhouse gases; the value of actions which increase  biodiversity or protect nature can alsp be recorded on the EnergyCoin blockchain.

Each year EnergyCoin Foundation issues free tokens for several projects, allowing rewarding sustainable actions.

Of course you can also use savings, cost reductions or your budget for climate policy and Corporate Social Responsibility for funding sustainable actions. Sometimes the simple fact that results of positive impact are registered is a good result in itself.

A team of experts is available to support you to find how much positive impact your project has. The Energycoin blockchain helps making climate agreements and targets a reality. Make a real difference locally! Together we define and create a new economy within planetary limits. Build a positive and climate-neutral society together.

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